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Office of Communication
(Congregational Christian Churches-
Evangelical and Reformed Church)
14 Beacon Street (Capitol 7-1750)
Boston 8, Massachusetts

Boardman Getsinger, Manager

The Rev. Dr Albert E. LeRoy,…


This is a photograph of Mrs. Doward and her women's church group at Adams Church sometime after 1900.

Adams M.S., Natal, South Africa,
The Glorious Fourth, 1921.

Dear Bohn:

I know it is my patriotic duty to write you a long letter today. - the one I have been intending to send off for months, but it will end up being a short note, I am afraid.…

This photograph is of the children of all the missionaries at Adams MIssion Station in 1914 or 1915. Reverend LeRoy's four children are pictured.

Reverend A.E. LeRoy is pictured with his wife Rhoda Clarke and four children: Gaylord Clarke, Anna Ruth-Waterman, Ethel May, and Mary Carol-Frankenhouser. The photograph was taken at Adams Mission Station in approximately 1917.

Photograph of a class of school boys who attended the training school at Adams. Taken in approximately 1903.

Two boys from Jubilee Hall who attend the training school at Adams Mission Station are pictured making stamp, also called hominy.

This is a panoramic view of the Adams Mission Station at Amanzimtoti, taken from a hilltop in 1895 or 1900. It labels the areas where Jubilee Hall, the boys dorm, and the Church were located.

This is a picture of the classroom buildings at Adams Mission Station. It was taken in 1914 by missionary Edith A. Com (Kolah).

A Zulu baby adorned in jewelry lifting the lid on a cooking pot. Picture taken in 1916 at Adams MIssion Station.