ANTH 456 Spring 2013

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ANTH 456 Spring 2013


Oberlin College ANTH 456 collected Spring 2013


Alexandra Howard
Angela Garcia
Anna Edwards
Genevieve Senechal
Victoria Costikyan

Collection Items

Zulu necklace with beads made of wood and bone. Contains two horns that have metal rings through them.

This helmet has two flaps which would cover the ears. It is made of braided grass coils woven together with twine.

LeRoy Family at Adams Mission Station
A.E. LeRoy pictured with wife and four children at Adams Mission Station in Natal, South Africa in 1917.

Letter from LeRoy, S. Rhodesia, 1922
Letter from Reverend Albert Emile LeRoy to William Frederick Bohn dated September 11, 1922. In the letter, LeRoy discusses the few months he spent at the American Board Mission in Mount Silinda, S. Rhodesia with his wife. He touches on some troubles…

Armor, worn as a shirt. The shirt piece extends down to the waist. Attached to the back of the shirt and to the arm straps is a large flat back piece. From this backing, a flap extends around each side of the shirt. At the center of the end of each…

One long tapering cylindrical piece of wood and one short curved rectangular piece of wood both with shark teeth tied on in rows by reed twine and human hair.

Three-pronged dagger with wooden frame; rows of shark teeth bound by twine and human hair with fish skin binding on handle.

Mats created/used by the native population of Micronesia

This is part of a head gear assembly involving coconut fiber helmet with puffer fish element sitting on top.
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