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Medieval Manuscripts of Ohio Wesleyan University

Ohio Wesleyan University Special Collections houses several manuscripts from the Middle Ages and early printed books from the 15th century that were donated from the collection of the Rev. Frank B. Gunsaulus, Methodist preacher and alumnus, for the purpose of contemplation and study by the university’s students.

Entire books can be viewed online as part of OWU's Medieval Manuscripts and Incunabula collection.

Farmer Oral History

These are oral histories by farmers.

History of Carnegie Library, 1908 - 2008


This exhibit was initially created in 2008 to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the Carnegie Library building of Oberlin College. Many people contributed to the making of this exhibit, including Elizabeth Rumics, Ed Vermue, Ray English, Anna Arays, Marsha Bansberg, Xi Chen, and John Seyfried.  We would like to especially thank the Oberlin College Archives and the Oberlin Public Library for permission to reproduce images from their collections.

Do you have memories to share about Oberlin's Carnegie Library? Please tell us your story in our Guestbook. If you have comments, corrections or would like to send images, please email us at

Integrating Digital Collections into the Liberal Arts Curriculum


This poster showcases how the Five Colleges of Ohio intergrated digital collections into the liberal arts curriculum by engaging with students, faculty, and library staff.  The goals of this project include"

  1. Enhancing undergraduate undestanding and engagement with digital collections
  2. Using librarian-faculty partnerships to shape projects that are relevant to the current curriculum and have long-term value
  3. Reorganizing library work and priorities among staff to include digital collections

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Unexpected Journeys: Oberlin College Missionaries

There are approximately 1600 items in the Oberlin College Ethnographic Collection, which is a database of objects that represent cultures spanning the globe. These curiosities were collected during the late 19th and early 20th century by Oberlin College alumni and friends, who served as missionaries and teachers abroad.

This research project examines the experiences that these American missionaries had with each other as well as with the indigenous people of Natal, South Africa and Rhodesia, East Africa.

Unexpected Journeys serves as a resource for students and professional who are interested in anthropology, history, religion, and African studies.

Artists' Books from 1960 to 2000

This site contains a digitized selection of books from the Artists’ Books Collection in the Clarence Ward Art Library, Oberlin College. The collection comprises over one thousand titles, a fraction of which is presented on this site which focuses on how artists working after 1965 used the inexpensive, reproducible format of the book––and in some cases the magazine page––as an integral component of their art. A large number of books selected for digitization were made in the late 1960s and 1970s when artists were using new media forms to circulate and display their sculptures, performances, conceptual projects, or happenings. Other books were made by feminist artists to lodge a political critique against established art institutions. Still others are the result of contemporary artists finding new ways to disseminate their photographs, some in a participatory way.

Funded by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to the Five Colleges of Ohio (Next Steps in the Next Generation Library: Integrating Digital Collections into the Liberal Arts Curriculum, 2010)

Jorge Luis Borges Collection

This is a collection centered on Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986). These materials were contributed by Oberlin professor Ana Cara and the Oberlin College Archives. Borges himself made a brief visit to Oberlin in May of 1983. Besides participating in two gatherings at the First Church, Borges visited with students and faculty all over campus. After his memorable visit, professors Ana Cara and David Young began to translate a number of his milonga poems.

The website is meant to be a resource for current and future students who have an interest in Borges' life, particularly his milongas. The three main sections of this website cover Borges' visit to Oberlin, interviews relating to the milongas he wrote, and a section related to the pedagogical use of these materials.

Cleveland Urbex Archeology

Urbex Photograghy from within abandoned Buildings in Cleveland Ohio.

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