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An Article published in 1949 by religious publication August Advance. Entitled Yesterday in the South Seas by Mary Walker. Discusses Robert Logan's missionary work.

This is a photograph of Mrs. Doward and her women's church group at Adams Church sometime after 1900.

Armor made of woven fibers in 2 pieces. The chest piece covers from the waist over shoulders. The back piece extends from the waist to above ones head.

Armor, worn as a shirt. The shirt piece extends down to the waist. Attached to the back of the shirt and to the arm straps is a large flat back piece. From this backing, a flap extends around each side of the shirt. At the center of the end of each…

Bangkok, Klong scene.JPG
A photograph of the Klong River in Bangkok, Siam, n.d.

Bangkok, Klong with boats.JPG
A photograph of boats on the Klong River in Bangkok, Siam, n.d.

bead necklace

Photograph of a class of school boys who attended the training school at Adams. Taken in approximately 1903.

Bradley Home in Bangkok, n.d..JPG
A photograph of the Bradley home in Bangkok, Siam, n.d.

This is a picture of the classroom buildings at Adams Mission Station. It was taken in 1914 by missionary Edith A. Com (Kolah).
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