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The title of the book is "Christian Economy." Three other Theology books were printed in Oberlin in 1840. (from the unnamed article included with the photograph) verso: "Mrs. Paul B. Arnold, Sarah Ann Clagett '41"

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This is a picture of the classroom buildings at Adams Mission Station. It was taken in 1914 by missionary Edith A. Com (Kolah).

"A Conversation with Borges", which took place in the First Church of Oberlin

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Jorge Luis Borges and Ana Cara
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From left to right: JoaquĆ­n Martinez Pizarro, Jorge Luis Borges, Ana Cara
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Guastavino Parte 1&2.docx
Carlos Guastavino (1912-2000), Argentine composer In (???), Guastavino was interviewed by Ana Cara and Lawrence MacDonald, Oberlin professors. He wrote musical settings for J.L. Borges' milongas. this is a typed transcription of that conversation.
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