Borges' Interview at the Oberlin Inn 1


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Borges' Interview at the Oberlin Inn 1


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John Harvith


Oberlin College Archives


It is agreed that the photographs, titled “Jorge Luis Borges interviewed at the Oberlin Inn,” a series of three images, may be mounted on an open access web server and I grant Oberlin College nonexclusive usage rights to ensure broad scholarly access to and academic curricular use of these digital files, given that that all mounted photographs include the credit line "Photo copyright John Harvith.” In addition, the above credit line must be included whenever they are used as part of scholarly access protocol. I also understand that Oberlin College may edit and coordinate the use of these files as a project under the Five Colleges of Ohio Mellon Next Generation Library grant program (cf. Finally, in all future uses of these images, I should be notified by email of their appearance and usage at


John Harvith, “Borges' Interview at the Oberlin Inn 1,” The Five Colleges of Ohio Digital Exhibitions, accessed June 19, 2024,