Jorge Luis Borges Collection

This is a collection centered on Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986). These materials were contributed by Oberlin professor Ana Cara and the Oberlin College Archives. Borges himself made a brief visit to Oberlin in May of 1983. Besides participating in two gatherings at the First Church, Borges visited with students and faculty all over campus. After his memorable visit, professors Ana Cara and David Young began to translate a number of his milonga poems.

The website is meant to be a resource for current and future students who have an interest in Borges' life, particularly his milongas. The three main sections of this website cover Borges' visit to Oberlin, interviews relating to the milongas he wrote, and a section related to the pedagogical use of these materials.


Website design: Robin Su, Materials donated: Ana Cara and Oberlin College Archives