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This is a letter Reverend LeRoy sent to William Bohn, Assistant to the President at Oberlin, on July 4, 1921. LeRoy discusses his work at Amanzimtoti and also scholarships for his daughters who were attending Oberlin at the time.

Photograph from Augustin Kramer, 1906
Tafel 11 (siehe Seite 272). Die Panzerfechter beim Kampfe

1906 Hawaii, Ostmikronesien und Samoa. Meine zweite Sudseereise (1897-1899) zum Stadium der Atolle und ihrer Bewohner. Stuttgart: Strecker &…

This is a picture of the classroom buildings at Adams Mission Station. It was taken in 1914 by missionary Edith A. Com (Kolah).

This letter belongs to the personal correspondence of Robert W. Logan and contains his thoughts and own descriptions of the missionary work he completed in Micronesia.

This is an map drawn by Robert Logan in his journal aboard the Jennie Walker from Honolulu to the Chuuk Lagoon.

Zulu necklace with beads made of wood and bone. Contains two horns that have metal rings through them.

This helmet has two flaps which would cover the ears. It is made of braided grass coils woven together with twine.

One long tapering cylindrical piece of wood and one short curved rectangular piece of wood both with shark teeth tied on in rows by reed twine and human hair.

Three-pronged dagger with wooden frame; rows of shark teeth bound by twine and human hair with fish skin binding on handle.

Mats created/used by the native population of Micronesia
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