Letter from LeRoy, Natal, 1921


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Letter from LeRoy, Natal, 1921


LeRoy, A.E. (Albert Emile)
Bohn, William Frederick, 1878-1947


This is a letter Reverend LeRoy sent to William Bohn, Assistant to the President at Oberlin, on July 4, 1921. LeRoy discusses his work at Amanzimtoti and also scholarships for his daughters who were attending Oberlin at the time.


A.E. LeRoy


Oberlin College Archives


July 4, 1921


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Oberlin College. Archives. RG 28/2. Alumni and Development Records. Series: Graduates and Former Students. Folder: LeRoy, Albert Emile. Box # 618

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Adams M.S., Natal, South Africa,
The Glorious Fourth, 1921.

Dear Bohn:

I know it is my patriotic duty to write you a long letter today. - the one I have been intending to send off for months, but it will end up being a short note, I am afraid. But I do want to thank you for the Calendar you sent to us. It has been in constant use, even though it is not the only reminder we have these days of Oberlin. We are glad that our name has been placed on the list, thanks to you.

Our work goes along apace. The Phelps Stokes Commission that visited us some time ago, stated, after having spent six months in West and South Africa, that in their opinion the work we were doing here at Amanzimtoti was the best that they had seen in Africa. Certainly we are enjoying it, and we think it is well worth while. The spirit is fine, both from a spiritual and educational viewpoint, - and incidentally, we won the Sir Marshall Campbell Football Cup, as the champions of the Durban and District Football Association, consisting of about a dozen teams. So you see we are trying to represent Oberlin in all ways, from athletics to theology.

We get cheering news from the girls, Ethel and Anna, from week to week. Ethel is now a full fledged Senior, we presume, and I am glad that Anna is to enter the Oberlin Freshman Class in September. We are hoping that this may mean that she will continue there throughout her course, though she was incline toward the Domestic Science Course, - perhaps as a short cut method of getting back to Africa:

And that leads me to ask about scholarships. They write that the Tuition has been raised again, and their Three Hundred Dollars per year allowance has to be supplemented to a degree that is alarming. What about the Spellman bequest for those who expected to work on the foreign field, particularly Africa? Is that to become available soon? If so, both Ethel and Anna will be eligible for it and it will relieve our shoulders of a great financial burden. We want them to get the best that Oberlin has to offer, but unless prices come down I don't know what the result will be to some of us. Will you be good enough to advise whether there is to be any relief in that direction, - or failing that, in any other direction? Ethel already has the benefit of a scholarship that relieves her of a part of the tuition, but her Senior year in Baldwin is staring us in the face. If there is any relief in sight, I wish that you would let the girls know as well, as they are worried over the situation.

There are constant interruption, so I'll send this brief note off to let you know that we are alive and well and happy, and to send all kinds of best wishes to the Bohns and to Oberlin generally. Drop a card occasionally to.

Yours ever,
A.E. LeRoy


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